Education in San Fernando was under the supervision of the Division of Pampanga since 1908 until it became a component city of on February 4, 2001by virtue of R.A. 8990, “An act converting the Municipality of San Fernando, Pampanga into a component city known as the City of San Fernando.”

A year after the Municipality of San Fernando became a component city, the then City Mayor Dr. Rey B. Aquino endorsed the creation of the City Schools Division to the then Secretary of Education, Raul Rocco.

On May 15, 2002, the Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Elita Flor M. Umali endorsed the creation of the City Schools Division of San Fernando (P) to the Regional Director, Dr. Vilma Labrador, who in turn endorsed it to the Department of Education Central Office on May 28, 2002. On July 3, 2002 the Department of Education granted the authority for the establishment of the City Schools Division of San Fernando (P) with Dr. Tarcila P. Javier designated as the Officer-In-Charge.

The signing of the Memorandum of Agreement between the DepEd and the City of San Fernando took place on September 2, 2002. This was followed by the formal turn-over ceremony on September 10, 2002 at the Partyland in Dolores, City of San Fernando (P) with the Undersecretary of Education Ramon C. Bacani as the Guest of Honor and Speaker and witnessed by then Cong. Oscar S. Rodriguez, Mayor Rey B. Aquino, Director Vilma Labrador, Dr. Tarcila P. Javier and other City Officials.

The City Schools Division formal operations started on October 1, 2002 with Superintendent Dr. Tarcila P. Javier at the helm.

The newly created division experienced birth pains, difficulties and challenges but with strong and committed leadership in the division and the full support of the City Government, the City of San Fernando today continues to make a difference in the field of education under the stewardship of the following superintendents: Dr. Tarcila P. Javier, Ph.D., CESO VI – October 1, 2002; Dr. Belen R. Manzanero, CESO V – September 22, 2003; Mr. Raulito O. Moscoso, CESO VI – January 17, 2005; Dr. Maria Cecilia J. Fernandez – July 11, 2006; Dr. May B. Eclar, CESO V – September 17, 2followed 008; Dr. Esperanza L. Laya, Ph.D., CESO V – January 11, 2013 to present.

With the establishment of the City Schools Division followed the opening of more public schools: Malpitic Primary School in 2002, Dela Paz Sur Elementary in 2003. The same year saw the establishment of the Information and Communication Technology High School (ICTHS), the first IT-Oriented high school in Region III. PulungBulu Primary School followed in 2004 and in 2010 the Northville Elementary School and the Northville High School in Brgy. Calulut were established to make basic education accessible to the relocated informal settlers of the city.

 (Taken from the Chapter 7 of the book Kasalesayan Ning San Fernando)

Today, the City Schools Division of San Fernando (P) has a total of 44 schools (24 Elementary Schools, 15 Integrated Schools and 5 Secondary Schools). Out of the 24 elementary schools, 7 new Integrated Schools are about to be born. The division has a total population of 58,871 students, 1,692 teaching force and 186 non-teaching personnel. The total population of students is comprised of 30,299 male and 28,572 female students. Housing all these students are a total number of 1,572 classrooms. The division in partnership with the local government unit ensures that the classrooms are enough to shelter the students.

With the growing demands of the education system in the Philippines, the management continues to seek for ways and mechanisms that will address the demands and issues of the education in the city. It provides training to capacitate not just the teachers, the non-teaching personnel but also the students. From leadership trainings to institutional spiritual quotient seminars and personnel enhancement programs, division office labor force is ready to conquer the world of success and achievements.

Obtaining 21st Century learning is at hand through the leadership of Dr. Imelda P. Macaspac, the new OIC – Schools Division Superintendent of the Division of City of San Fernando. She aims to make the Division of City of San Fernando to be one of the top performing divisions in the field of arts, academic and sports not just in the region but all over the Philippines. She is leading the division office in a fast and unstoppable way towards success.

The Division of City of San Fernando continuously adheres with its vision and mission and will strive harder in the quest of improving the quality of education in the city.